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   Using Sofft®              Techniques

Using With PanPastel® Colors

Sofft Tools are ideal for use with PanPastel Colors.

Load Sofft Tool with color by gently wiping over the surface of the color pan using a circular motion.
Use gentle pressure - do not dig into the color.
Apply color to work surface – try varying pressure and the angle of the tool during application to change the effect.

Basic Instructions
Lay down the color coverage you desire – from thick to thin - opaque to semi-transparent.

The same Sofft Tool can be used with several colors – simply “clean” between colors by wiping sponge/applicator on a dry paper towel.

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Using With Wet Mediums

Sofft tools can be used to apply and manipulate acrylics, watercolors and craft paints.

Sofft Art Sponges are also great for sponging out watercolors and acrylics once applied.

To use: lift color and apply to surface. Re-charge with color as necessary.

(If the color needs to be diluted, dip Sofft Tool in water (like a brush), before using color)



Art Sponge, Covers & Applicator Heads
Wash gently with soap and warm water. Squeeze. Air dry fully.
Re-use several times – the number of times depends on the color & surface used.

Wipe off with a towel or clean with warm water and soap after use.


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