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Learn how to use PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools using these instructional videos
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NEW! Deborah Secor teaches how to paint a vibrant sunset landscape. Includes PanPastel color & Sofft tool information, and lots of tips! Download materials list.

NEW! Highlights from figurative painter David Kassan's drawing demonstration at the PanPastel booth at the Portrait Society of America "Art of the Portrait" Conference in Reston, VA. April 2010.

David uses PanPastel black with Sofft Knife/Cover No. 4.

Dry Color Wash Technique
Shows simple techniques how to use PanPastel Colors for dry color washes for backgrounds and journals.
  NEW! Learn two simple techniques for mixing PanPastel colors. These soft pastels are in a pan so they mix like fluid paint.
  NEW! Information on how to correctly load the Sofft Tools with PanPastel Colors.
  NEW! Explore the Sofft Tools range. Includes useful tips.
  NEW! Shows how easy PanPastel Colors are to erase with any eraser. Use these erasing techniques to correct mistakes, and for subtractive / drawing techniques.
  Learn basic PanPastel portrait painting techniques with Donna Aldridge. Discover how easy it is to sketch an eye and paint flesh tones quickly and easily. Includes color information and useful tips.
  Paint a dramatic stormy landscape with artist & teacher Donna Aldridge using PanPastel colors. Learn how to create an underpainting, sky, and foreground details. Includes color information & tips.
  Learn how to paint a simple still life with PanPastel Colors. Quick and easy. Includes color information and handy tips.
  Learn how to paint a cloudy landscape with PanPastel Colors & Sofft Tools. Includes color information and useful tips.
  Learn how to add clouds to an underpainting with PanPastel Colors, quickly & easily. Includes color information and tips.
  Discover how simple it is to add tree details to an underpainting. Donna Aldridge explains how to add highlights, correct mistakes and other useful tips.
  Learn how to sketch a quick portrait with just 3 PanPastel Colors, in less than 2 minutes.
  How to mix colors in various values of tint and shade with PanPastel.
  Discover how to mix two colors to create intermediate colors with PanPastel.

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